Our Story

The National Amphibian Expo (NAE) started as an idea from a local amphibian enthusiast group. It was presented and discussed as an opportunity to create and host a national event promoting quality captive husbandry techniques and amphibian conservation. The small group of members interested in pursuing the planning and coordination of this event formed the NAE Board of Directors. This Board of Directors brings together individuals from a variety of diverse professional backgrounds with varying levels of captive management experience with amphibians. Of the current NAE Board members, three have countless years of experience in zoological institutions working with a wide array of animal species and three have gained many years of experience as private hobbyists. From Atelopus to Xenopus, or Ambystoma to Plethodon, the board members gain their strength in advancing this event from their experiences, interests, and desire to conserve a variety of amphibian species.

Planning Committee

Dan Madigan - President / Committee Chair

Brian Burris - Treasurer

Corey Wickliffe - Vendor Relations Coordinator

Noah Shields - Vendor Representative

Homer Faucett - Board Member

Contact Us

Mailing Address

National Amphibian Expo
P.O. Box 1662
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

General Information


Vendor Coordinator


Event Location

Atherton Union - Butler University
704 West Hampton Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208